Continuing Education

Cider and Perry Production - A Foundation

Date: Mondays, Aug. 21 to Aug. 25, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.
Price: $1,500

The Cider and Perry Production foundation course will cover all aspects including ingredient sourcing, quality control and the economics of cider making.  The hands-on program uses lectures, lab work, workshops and tastings to give learners a step-by-step guide to production.


Students will gain:

·        A broad appreciation of the main styles of cider and perry, along with an understanding of the Cider Industry -  including its historical development, its current position in the alcoholic drinks market and its future development;

·        Knowledge and understanding of the main principles and processes of cider and perry production;

·        Training in the practical skills necessary for the production of quality cider and perry;

·        A detailed step-by-step guide to cider and perry production;

·        An essential grounding in the chemistry and microbiology of cider and perry;

·        Practical hands-on training in the key skills of cider production and in the main methods of laboratory analysis; 

·        Sensory analysis of cider and perry.


Cancellations received before August 7 will be refunded 100% minus a 15% processing fee.  Cancellations received after August 14 are non-refundable, however, substitutes from the same organization are welcome.  If for any reason the class is cancelled or interrupted, Brock University will not be responsible for refunding of airfares and payment of accommodation, and will reimburse other costs in proportion to the cancelled activities minus a fair administrative cost.  Note:  we will make every attempt to send the course materials well in advance of the class but problems with delivery are not considered grounds for cancellation.


See the course Summary for full details.


If course is full please email to be placed on the Wait List for the next available course.

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Cider and Perry Production - A Foundation Course. Summary.pdf