NEW - Online - WSET Level 1 in SPIRITS

Date: Saturday, June 8 to Friday July 5, 2019
Registration Deadline: Friday May 31, 2019
Price: $325

*** This course is past the registration deadline. ***

Starting in 2018 Brock University is pleased to offer the WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits specialization in an Online format.




Deadline to Register:  May 31 by 1 p.m..


Course to run from Saturday June 8 to Friday July 5, 2019.




This course is for the beginner - for those starting a career in the spirits industry or wishing to explore spirits for personal interest.




The course is based around a 4 week, 6 module online learning format with educator support available for this time. The course modules should be followed in order, but students are free to complete the modules at their own pace during this 4-week window. The course material should take about 6 hours in total to complete, plus revision time.




The course prepares the student for our qualifications and they are guided by a WSET educator. The student can contact the educator any time for the duration of the scheduled course, should they have any questions. Each week includes a series of independent and/or group activities to help students understand the differences between spirit types and styles.




All study materials are included in the online platform.




Regular access and participation in the course online activities is essential for this mode of study.  Students are advised to taste a range of spirits during their studies.  All the required spirits for the course can be found in the online Equipment List.  Any additional spirits can be found in the Specification. Students can post their tasting notes in the Online Classroom for review by the educator.




Students will require access to a computer (recommended) and/or HTML5 compatible mobile or tablet with the following minimum requirements: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 25.0, Safari 6, Chrome 30.0 or other HTML5 compatible; web browser with Javascript and cookies** enables; Adobe Reader XI or equivalent; Internet access (broadband recommended).




Module 1:  Spirits Production


List and state the purpose of the four key steps used in spirits production.




Module 2:  Brandy and Vodka


State the raw materials used to produce brandy and vodka. State the key flavour characteristics of these two spirits. Identify the key production processes that can have a defining influence on the characteristics of brandy and vodka. State the meaning of the key labelling terms for brandy. Identify the two types of still, state how they are used and the style of spirit they can produce.




Module 3:  Rum, Tequila and Whisk(e)y


State the raw materials used to produce Rum, Tequila and Whisk(e)y.  State the key flavour characteristics of these three spirits. Identify the key production processes that can have a defining influence on the characteristics of Rum, Tequila and Whisk(e)y. State the different styles of Rum and the labelling terms of Tequila and Whisk(e)y.




Module 4: Flavoured Spirits, Storage and Service of Spirits


Describe the different techniques to add flavour to spirits. State the principal types of flavoured spirits. Describe the correct procedures for the storage of spirits. Name the important ingredients used to make cocktails. Identify the common equipment and glassware used in the service of spirits. State the four factors to consider when making a balanced cocktail.




Module 5: Tasting Area


Describe spirits using language from the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT). Practice your tasting skills and familiarize yourself with some of the key styles of spirits on the syllabus.




Module 6: Revision and Resources


Revision and Examination Preparation




Withdrawal Policy:  Withdrawal prior to Registration Deadline:  Refund of tuition, less $50 administration fee.  Withdrawal after Registration Deadline:  No refund.




Exam:  Revise and recap the course content. Students are advised to schedule a minimum of 1 hour of private study before sitting the Level 1 examination. Exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions in 45 minutes.  Date to be confirmed between the registrant and CCOVI (contact Barb Tatarnic at


Exam location: Inniskillin Hall, Brock University